Preserving the Environment and Your Health by Green Living


Green lifestyle is not just about saving the environment but it is also about preserving human health. Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last century thanks to the advances in science, however, these have also resulted in introduction of a number of chemicals which are extremely toxic to the environment as well as to human health because anything that is toxic to other living creatures cannot be good for human health either. And these chemicals which are virtually on every step including most people’s homes (just think on all the cleaning products in your kitchen cabinet for instance) are probably one of the main causes for the rising incidence of cancer which is threatening to become a pandemic as every one out of four people is estimated to have cancer at some point of their lives.

Many people are sceptical about green ways of living because they wrongfully assume that it requires either giving up the comfort of modern lifestyle or very expensive technology they cannot afford. But green living does not have to be unaffordable nor inconvenient. On the contrary, green choices such as making sure the wooden park benches you are buying is sourced from plantations or even using a natural mattress instead of foam can even help you save money and do not require any dramatic lifestyle changes. It is not easy to change lifestyle overnight but even small changes such as switiching to organic produce can make a big difference.

For a start, you can eliminate chemicals in your home because you really do not need a full cabinet of various cleaning products. You can use dishwashing liquid to clean your floor, bathroom, kitchen cabinets and other smooth surfaces or better yet buy organic cleaning agents or make cleaners by yourself. For example, mix equal parts or white vinegar and water and you will get a powerful cleaner and disinfectant which can be used to clean most of your home without harming your health nor the environment.


Sort your waste because most of the things that end up in your trash bin can be recycled and reused. It will not steal you too much time but it will help reduce the pressure on landfills as well as on the environment as recycling uses less energy than virgin production which subsequently means less carbon dioxide emissions and lesser pressure on natural resources. For example, 1 tonne of collected and recycled paper saves as much as 17 trees. Also, buy products made of recycled and natural materials whenever possible and start recycling yourself. Many things you throw away are not as useless as they may seem, while many can be reused before ending up in the waste bin such as plastic shopping bags. Instead of taking a new one each time you leave the grocery, you can put the old one in your purse or pocket, or reuse it as trash bag and reduce your costs for trash bags. Before throwing unwanted items away check to see if your area has facilities to reuse the items such as or unwanted clothes recycling at your local waste depot. Choose local holiday destinations to reduce your carbon footprint.

There are really million ways to go green without giving up the convenience of modern lifestyle nor spending a fortune for installation of green technologies. However, it is a good idea to spend a few pounds more when buying new appliances for example because the most energy efficient ones will dramatically cut your electricity bills and help you save money in the long run. And remember, everything that helps preserve the environment helps preserve your health as well either directly or indirectly.